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There’s more to what we make.

Memories. Laughs. Good times. Discover why drink mixes, freezer pops, and dessert mixes are only the beginning.

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A family brand with a family of brands.

From household names to kitchen staples—drink mixes, frozen novelties, and dessert mixes. Chances are one of our family products has graced your family kitchen more than once.

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A story as old as Aunt Wick's recipes. Literally.

We’ve been making our tasty, tried-and-true products under the Jel Sert name for generations. In fact, that’s our Great Aunt Wick right there, doesn’t she look sweet? She and Grandpa Charles founded The Jel Sert Company way back in the day in 1926. That means we’ve been doing this for nearly 100 years across multiple generations. Now we're in the 4th generation, and we're carrying the torch to all kinds of tasty new places we’ve never been before. And we’re still family owned and operated alongside our extended family of 1,000 talented employees right here in West Chicago, Illinois. 

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Years in business
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Giving back is our not-so-secret ingredient.

You would think that a place that makes sweet drinks and treats is all fun and games. You know what, you’d be pretty much right. We’re the kind of company that believes in working big, playing big, and giving back even bigger. One place you’ll especially notice is our involvement in the community. From supporting the American Childhood Cancer Organization and National Ovarian Cancer Coalition to projects that take place right in our backyard here in West Chicago. We take pride in giving back to the community and causes that mean so much to us. That includes giving back to the environment with a deep commitment to sustainable practices and even raising our own honeybees! 

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