Our History

Founded in 1926

The Jel Sert Company is proud to be one of the few leading food and beverage manufacturers that is still family owned and operated. For nearly 100 years, our ability to grow and prosper has been fueled by a passion to create high quality, high value foods and beverages that help bring people together.


The Jel Sert Company was founded in 1926 and remains family owned to this day. The first product, Jel Sert, was a gelatin dessert mix named by combining the words "jelly" and "dessert".
Flavor-Aid - The concept of powdered drink mixes was very popular in the 1920s, and led to the 1929 introduction of the Flavor-Aid line of powdered drink mixes.
Pop-Ice - The success of Flavor-Aid in the 1950s led to the acquisition of the Pop-Ice Company in 1963. Pop-Ice was a small company producing a unique freeze-at-home pop that offered the opportunity to enter an exciting new product category.
Fla-Vor-Ice - The brand Fla-Vor-Ice was introduced in 1969, to complement Flavor-Aid, and quickly became the leading freezer pop in the United States.
MONDO - MONDO Fruit Squeezers were launched by The Jel Sert Company in 1991. Strong promotions and national advertising have helped it become a well-known brand in the juice drink category.
Otter Pops - Otter Pops was acquired in 1996, and is the strongest freezer pop brand on the West Coast. The iconic otter characters associated with its ten zippy flavors are adored by fans of all ages.
Wyler's - Jel Sert acquired the Wyler's trademark in 1994. Wyler's Light, a brand extension introduced in 2000, is well known for its great tasting, low-calorie, and sugar-free products that everyone can enjoy.
Royal and My*T*Fine - In December 2000, The Jel Sert Company acquired the Royal and My*T*Fine brands. The Royal brand, which dates back to 1925, includes popular varieties of puddings, gelatins, and flan. My*T*Fine, a premium cook-and-serve pudding brand, has been a staple in kitchens throughout America since 1918.
Licensing - The Jel Sert Company expanded its capabilities into licensing by partnering with Kellogg's® to make Keebler Fudge Shoppe Chocolate Freezer Bars, followed by launching Hawaiian Punch® powders and freezer bars for the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group®. Since 2003, licensing has become a highly sought after part of the business.
Wyler's Light Singles to Go! - During 2006, The Jel Sert Company launched Wyler's Light Singles to Go! in a single-serve stick pack format to accommodate the growing need for consumer convenience.
Kool Pops - The Jel Sert Company acquired the licensing rights to the Kool Pops brand from Kraft Foods in 2007. To this day, the brand maintains its nostalgic brand heritage and loyal consumer following.
Take a Pop Share a Smile Launch - The Jel Sert Company teamed up with the American Childhood Cancer Organization to create Take a Pop, Share a Smile, a special program that donates freezers filled with an unlimited supply of freezer pops to childhood cancer treatment centers across the country.
Super C - SUPER C was acquired by The Jel Sert Company from Solis Brands, Inc. The vitamin and mineral powdered drink mix offerings deliver functional benefits, in addition to a healthy boost of Vitamin C and antioxidants.
Freezer Pops from Cops - Our products have always had the incredible ability to bring people together. As part of our effort to support those who protect and serve our communities, we created Freezer Pops From Cops. This program helps law enforcement officers build relationships and trust between their department and community.
Pure Kick Launch - The Jel Sert Company introduced its new Energy drink mix line, Pure Kick, which is positioned to reinvigorate the Powdered Drink Mix category by offering incredible taste, functional benefits and zero sugar. With the right balance of vitamins and caffeine, Pure Kick is the sure pick.
All Sport® Acquisition – The Jel Sert Company has acquired the All Sport brand. Originally introduced in 1993 by PepsiCo as a ready-to-drink product, All Sport is a premium brand of powdered drink mixes and freezer bars sold today in the Retail and Industrial trade channels.
Otter Pops Turns 50 - The Jel Sert Company is excited to celebrate Otter Pops’ 50th anniversary. This iconic brand and their 10 unique Otters have been making people smile since 1970!