Innovation & Sustainability


Throughout the years, The Jel Sert Company has put innovation at the forefront of everything we do. We understand that the needs of modern consumers are constantly evolving, which is why we’re continuously expanding our brand offerings and manufacturing capabilities to create products that combine quality with convenience.





The Jel Sert Company has a deep appreciation for our community and those we serve. We understand that in order for both to thrive, our world must, too. That’s why our team is focused on developing business practices that actively reduce waste and energy consumption, allowing us to reuse existing resources and recycle materials wherever and whenever we can.


  • Optimizing routing of shipments to customers by using a Transportation Management System (TMS) to minimize miles and fuel utilized
  • Shipping intermodal (train on truck) to further destinations, resulting in a significantly improved fuel cost per mile for each shipment versus over the road
  • Sourcing locally as much as possible to reduce fuel usage for inbound materials
  • Using folding cartons for packaged products that are made with CCNB / 100% recycled board
  • Approximately 60% of Jel Sert corrugated usage is made with 100% post-consumer content recycled paper. The remainder has a recycled content of at least 35%.
  • Challenging ingredient shipments to see if they can be made of less materials and/or be more recyclable. For example – we now use re-usable containers for our inbound juice concentrates which removes 500+ wood containers from landfills each year
  • Seeking out opportunities to reduce packaging material in our products while maintaining their structural and food safety capabilities. For example – we changed our desserts business from using corrugated shipping cases to chipboard substrate, reducing 10-15% of packaging weight
  • Working diligently on becoming a zero landfill facility
  • Implementing many projects to reduce usage of electricity, water or natural gas in both plant and office spaces – energy efficient lighting, sleep-mode computers and other devices, energy efficient motors and drives, replacing old water-cooled pumps, etc.
  • Maximizing the efficiency of key equipment such as boilers and compressors to minimize energy usage
  • Reducing wasted energy in battery charging by installing quick charge / on demand forklift charges for portions of our facility
  • Installing lighting at all facilities that is both high efficient fluorescent and utilizes motion sensors wherever feasible. We are monitoring the progress of LED lighting technology and experimenting with its use to further reduce energy usage
  • Creating a corporate Environmental improvement team with a cross section of employees to reduce our waste stream both in our factory and corporate offices
  • Jel Sert utilizes CHEP pallets for the vast majority of our wood pallet requirements.  Unlike traditional wood pallets that have a short life span, CHEP pallets are engineered to be used hundreds of times on a shared platform.  This significantly contributes to environmental sustainability as there is significantly less need for new timber and deforestation.