Community Involvement

Nocc - National Ovarian Cancer CoalitionSince 1995, The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) has been raising awareness, providing education and dispelling myths about this serious disease. Too often, symptoms go unrecognized and ovarian cancer is detected too late.

Jel Sert is proud to support the fight against ovarian cancer through knowledge and awareness. We sponsor and donate product to Runs/Walks to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer across the nation. Many of our employees participate in these events, as well. Our support is in honor of those within our global community who have been affected by ovarian cancer – the survivors, patients, caregivers and the loved ones – yours and ours. Help us break the silence…Talk about Ovarian Cancer.

American Childhood - Cancer OrganizationAmerican Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) began in 1970 by a group of parents whose children had been diagnosed with cancer. They came together to lobby for more research, and to support each other through the diagnosis and treatment of this life-threatening disease at a time when very few children survived. Today, ACCO is one of the largest grassroots, national organizations dedicated to improving the lives of children and adolescents with cancer and their families.

We are proud to be associated with the ACCO and the fight against childhood cancer. In 2010, we began the Take a Pop, Share a Smile Program to donate freezers and unlimited freezer pops to childhood cancer treatment centers across the country. To date, we have placed freezers in over 125 centers, providing young patients over 1 million tasty treats to ease their symptoms and help them hydrate. If you know a treatment center that would be interested, please help us in our efforts to trade a pop for a smile.

Freezer Pops from Cops

Jel Sert’s products have always had the incredible ability to bring people together. As part of our ongoing effort to celebrate this and support the men and women who protect and serve our communities, we created the Freezer Pops From Cops program.

Freezer Pops From Cops helps law enforcement officers build stronger relationships and trust between their departments and communities. The program launched in Lexington, KY, with incredible success, and we are proud to be expanding it into additional cities throughout the nation. For information about how your community or police department can get involved, please contact Kyle Harrington at

Pjammin' for Kids with Cancer Day

In June of 2016, Jel Sert hosted the 1st ever corporate ACCO Pjammin’ for Kids with Cancer Day. All employees dressed down in pajamas for the work day and donated money to enter for a chance to “dunk” their direct supervisor in a water tank. All proceeds went to the American Childhood Cancer Organization, while employees stood in solidarity for the thousands of children living in pajamas for months while receiving medical treatment. It has become an annual tradition at the company since!