Royal – Royal Fun For Everyone!

Treat your family and friends to an extra special Royal dessert without spending a lot of money or time! Be sure to check out our recipe section with plenty of ideas to help you make a truly fabulous Royal treat.

Royal Gelatins
Royal gelatins have been entertaining taste buds since 1925. Whether you enjoy our regular gelatin or sugar-free gelatin, Royal gelatins are always a favorite.

Royal Puddings
Smooth & Creamy Royal pudding desserts are available in a wide variety of flavors and sizes. So, indulge yourself or treat your whole family to a delicious dessert. Choose from Instant, Sugar Free or Cook & Serve puddings for the convenience you want.

Royal Flan
Trust only Royal to serve the perfect Flan dessert for your loved ones. Each box contains a packet of caramel sauce which makes it simple and easy to prepare this family-favorite. The rich and creamy taste of Royal Flan paired with our delicious sauce creates a dessert that will make them ask for more. 

Royal Greek Yogurt Pudding
New Royal Greek Yogurt Pudding Mixes are made with Real Greek Yogurt powder and provide 5g of protein per serving as prepared with 2% milk. Now you can enjoy your favorite yogurt flavor as a dessert and put a new spin on traditional recipes.

* All Royal dessert mixes are Kosher

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For a quick dessert, prepare pudding mix as directed. Crush your favorite cookies in (4) separate dishes. Cover with pudding and chill.
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