Freezer Bars Ideas Fun Food Pudding Ideas
  • Layer your cheesecake with your favorite flavor of Royal or My*T*Fine Pudding.
  • Top with granola, cookie crumbs, etc., for a creamy/crunchy treat.
  • Try dipping Vanilla Wafer cookies in Sugar Free Banana pudding.
  • Use Royal or My*T*Fine Chocolate Pudding as a fruit dip. Try Bananas & Strawberries.
  • Mix prepared refrigerated product with ice cream in a blender for your own extra thick shake. Try 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream per 1 serving of Royal or My*T*Fine Chocolate Pudding.
  • Spread Royal or My*T*Fine Chocolate Pudding on a graham cracker and top with mini marshmallows for a homemade S' Mores.
  • Try adding Royal or My*T*Fine Chocolate Pie Filling to a graham cracker crust and top with fresh banana slices to create your own Bananas Foster Pie.