Freezer Bars Ideas Fun Food Gelatin Ideas
  • Add your favorite fruit for a delicious and eye appealing treat.
  • Use your ice cube tray to fill with your favorite flavor of Royal Gelatin mix to put in the refrigerator to make gelatin cubes.
  • Add a layer of Royal Gelatin in between a layer of Angel food cake for a colorful and tasty signature dessert.
  • Try mixing prepared Royal Raspberry and Lime gelatins. Cut into cubes and place raspberry and lime cubes in the same bowl. Get some of each flavor on your spoon for a great tasting and colorful combination.
  • Place peeled grapes in finely mixed bowl of gelatin for brains and eye balls at a Halloween party. Have blindfolded guest stick hands in bowl and squish with fingers.
  • Fill water balloons with gelatin mix and refrigerate for throwing contest either at target or two party toss without breaking to see which team wins.
  • Use cookie cutters for creating unique shaped molds to party decorate with this tasty treat.