Freezer Bars Ideas Fun Food Freezer Bars Ideas
  • Smoothie: Put 2 freezer pops, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, 1/2 cup of milk and add your favorite fresh fruit in a blender to create your own homemade smoothie.
  • Going on a trip/picnic - use freezer bars instead of or along with ice to keep cooler cool. No melted water to empty if sole use is freezer bars. Eat freezer bars as your dessert or re-freeze to reuse or eat.
  • Use as paint sticks for water color paintings.
  • Use as ice pack to ice down minor injuries i.e. ankle sprains, etc.
  • Throw unwrapped frozen bars in punch bowl to keep punch cool. As product melts, the punch does not dilute (get watered down).
  • Add crushed freezer bar packet to any cup of Flavor Aid, Wyler's, Wyler's Light, Hawaiian Punch, or Diet Snapple powdered soft drink mix to make an extra cool refreshing treat. Mix and match flavors to make your own signature creations.
  • Add crushed Soda Pops freezer bars to corresponding flavor of soda in glass to use to keep cool instead of ice cubes to avoid watered down taste from ice cubes.