Freezer Bars Ideas Fun Food Drink Mix Ideas
  • Prepare drink mix and pour into ice cube tray for flavored ice cubes that don't dilute or water down finished drink.
  • Mix and match flavors to create your own signature drink i.e. Wyler's Light Cool Raspberry and Sunsplash Orange to create an Orange Raspberry beverage.
  • Add Wyler's Light Lemonade to your iced tea and make your own Arnold Palmer.
  • Buy Popsicle sticks. Pour packet of Wyler's Light drink mix into a zip baggie. Lick the stick and dunk it into the powder to make your own homemade, sugar free fun dip.
  • Use unsweetened Wyler's or Flavor Aid drink mix to use to color Easter Eggs. Try adding 1 cup of water to start. Add more water to lighten the color. Stir well to dissolve.
  • Use prepared drink mix as water colors for painting school projects. Use less water for darker colors.
  • Science experiment: prepare 2 quarts of Wyler's Lemonade and 2 quarts of Wyler's Berry Jammer in two separate pitchers. Pour 1/2 glass of Lemonade and then add Berry Punch. Watch as the yellow and blue mixed together makes an aqua green and then drink your secret potion.
  • Add your favorite flavor of Wyler's Light to favorite lemon lime soda to create your own signature flavored soda. Try 1 packet Wyler's Light Singles to go! drink mix and 1-12 oz. can lemon lime soda in a glass.
  • Pour your favorite flavor of drink mix into Popsicle mold to make your own economical frozen treat.