Soda Pops
Soda Pops – Put Some Pop In Your Freezer!

Now the sodas you love to drink are available as refreshing freezer pops!

If you think A&W Root Beer®, Dr Pepper®, Strawberry and Grape Crush® are great as beverages, be sure to try them as frozen treats! Each pop has the same authentic flavors used to make the soda drinks so they taste just like the real thing... only frozen!

Dr. Pepper and Crush are trademarks of Dr. Pepper Inc., used under license by the Jel Sert Company ©2013 Dr. Pepper Inc.

A&W is a registered trademark of A&W Concentrate Company, used under license by the Jel Sert Company ©2013 A&W Concentrate Company

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Have fun making your own root beer float and add A&W Root Beer® pops to vanilla ice cream. You can also make a strawberry cream float by using Strawberry Crush® pops.
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