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America's Favorite Freeze Pop

Treat yourself and your family to the fun and refreshing flavors of Fla-Vor-Ice ice pops! For over 40 years, Fla-Vor-Ice has been America's favorite and is available in many varieties and sizes, making it the perfect frozen treat for all ages.

Our original six flavors are a crowd pleaser for all ages. For a bit of a twist, try our Tropical pops. Chocolate lover? Then you must indulge yourself in our Fudge Pops that are made with real Hershey’s cocoa. And if one flavor is not enough, have two. Fla Vor Ice Fusion freezer pops offer a unique and fun experience by combining TWO flavors in ONE pop. Try Watermelon/Sour Green Apple and our other great tasting flavors today.

Fla-Vor-Ice Light, our sugar–free freezer bars, skimp on calories but not on taste—just right for a sugar–conscious family. We even offer Fla-Vor-Ice with up to 100% real fruit juice, providing a great fat free frozen snack for every member of the family! Add some flavorful fun to your freezer!

The HERSHEY’S® trademark and trade dress are used under license from The Hershey Company.

Use a frozen freezer pop to ice down a minor injury and turn a frown upside down.
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