Canada logo Jel Sert sells a wide variety of freezer bars, powdered drink crystals, and pudding and jelly mix items exclusively in the Canadian marketplace for consumers to enjoy year round. All of our items are uniquely designed for this highly important marketplace, which includes bilingual packaging that conforms to CFIA standards.

Here are some of the unique benefits of working with Jel Sert:
  • Jel Sert is an advocate of global e–commerce and a member of GS1 Canada.
  • All of our products are available in the ECCnet Registry and our UPCs are GS1 certified.
  • We are also a member of CCGD (Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors).
  • Jel Sert has national warehousing, logistics and distribution capabilities in Canada.
  • Secondary 3rd party D.C.'s in Toronto, Calgary and Halifax cover LTL shipments.
  • All of our products are produced at our facility in West Chicago, IL, USA, ensuring 100% confidence in our product quality. Jel Sert is considering a manufacturing facility in Canada.
  • All of our freezer pops are pasteurized during the manufacturing process.
  • Jel Sert brands offer retailers a viable alternative to current national brands with the option to provide exceptional price points while meeting (or exceeding) margin requirements.
  • Jel Sert offers our partners the opportunity to bring news and excitement to mature product categories with new item introductions, brands and creative pricing solutions to create renewed interest in our respective categories.
  • New and enhanced proprietary formulations.
  • Licensed brands and items that consumers know and love.
  • Marketing programs including rebates and coupons.
  • Jel Sert can provide special labour–saving merchandising tools that not only save time but also look appealing to consumers (e.g. freezer bar bins, displayable dessert shipping cases).
  • Jel Sert has a dedicated Canadian sales office supported by a national broker network.

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