Contract Manufacturing

The Jel Sert Company is a leader in the manufacturing of unique packages and products.

Because of its extensive capabilities and flexibility, Jel Sert is able to provide turnkey development and manufacturing solutions to sponsor companies that wish to broaden their current product portfolio with new, novel, cutting edge formulation and packaging. Jel Sert manufacturing core competency allows the company to provide customers with a low cost, high quality outsourcing alternative.

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Facilities & Personnel
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Management

Jel Sert's Manufacturing and Distribution facilities are centrally located in West Chicago, IL.

The main complex houses manufacturing, warehousing, corporate office staff and central traffic. This facility is approximately 500,000 square feet, of which manufacturing occupies approximately 400,000 square feet. Jel Sert is a manufacturing–focused company, so investment is constantly made to upgrade and augment our factory environment. The manufacturing facilities support both mass production lines and flexible, short–run specialty lines.

The second facility, Jel Sert's main distribution center, is also located in West Chicago, approximately three miles from the main complex. Although Jel Sert ships from both facilities, the vast majority of shipments emanate from the Distribution Center.

Jel Sert employs only the most qualified personnel in each functional area. All department managers (QA and Manufacturing) have extensive experience in not only a strict food–processing environment, but also pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. Since 1997, Jel Sert has built an infrastructure of personnel and expertise that supports complicated processes and requirements for both food and pharmaceutical customers, private label and consumer healthcare.

Product Development
Product Development
  • Formulation
  • Primary Package Dev.
  • Secondary Package Dev.

Jel Sert can do it all. It's that simple.

From formulations, to package development, to project management, to qualifications and validations–our customers can expect an extremely high level of contribution from Jel Sert staff.

Our Research and Development staff has over six decades of combined experience in taste masking and enhancement for the most demanding palettes. Whether it is a powder mix–in, shelf–stable liquid in a tube, bottle or pouch, or dessert blends and mixes, our R&D department has the expertise to develop a flavoring system that will meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

Very often our customers rely on us to develop the proper package design and structure for them, simply because they have limited experience with our unique packaging formats. From foil tubes to plastic pouches, from metalized powder pouches to HDPE bottles, our materials group excels at accommodating every customer need. Performance against shelf–life testing and real–life shipments is ultimately attainable, and right the first time, whenever Jel Sert designs a package. From powder to pallet patterns, Jel Sert can assist you in meeting every product specification.

Manufacturing Technologies
Manufacturing Technologies
  • Powder Blending
  • Powder Filling
  • Bulk Liquid Processing
  • Flexible Plastic Tubes
  • Stand–Up Spouted Pouches

The Jel Sert Company is a leader in manufacturing unique packages and products. Jel Sert is SQF certified and is held to the proper food and pharmaceutical standards for air quality and sanitation.

Powder Blending

Jel Sert houses multiple blending operations that are set up to handle a wide variety of powder blends. Blending systems are segregated so that cross contamination is never an issue. Jel Sert also provides for discrete handling and storage of pharmaceutical ingredients so that proper inventory and release procedures are followed. The Powder Blending Department maintains its own in–process quality lab, where each and every blend is tested prior to release for further processing.

Powder Filling

Jel Sert utilizes several different types of powder fillers to accommodate a wide variety of powder pouch shapes and sizes. High–speed lines are employed for those items that require long, extended campaign without changeover. There are also several dozen mid–size fillers that can provide for short production runs and quick changeover.

Bulk Liquid Processing

For two of the three major manufacturing departments, powder is reconstituted into bulk liquid for filling operations. Jel Sert bulk liquid processing capabilities are both extensive and flexible. Separate liquid processing systems are dedicated for specific filling operations. Jel Sert also has extensive pasteurization capabilities in both liquid filling departments.

Blow–Fill–Seal (BFS)

Jel Sert is capable of producing hundreds of millions of High–Density–Poly–Ethylene HDPE bottles. These bottles are manufactured using state–of–the–art BFS fillers. The fillers are capable of handling a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. Molds can be made to accommodate the most unique application.

Flexible Plastic Tubes

Jel Sert is most noted for their prowess in manufacturing flexible, plastic tubes. This department is by far the biggest at Jel Sert and carries with it the most unit–capacity. All equipment utilized in this department is manufactured and maintained in–house by an extremely knowledgeable, seasoned staff of mechanics and machinists. Jel Sert fills millions of plastic tubes a day, and markets billions every year. Flexible tubes can be tailored to any one of a vast number of sizes and fill volumes — and filled using extremely accurate volumetric pumps. If you have a need to produce a highly regulated, high–quality, attractive flexible plastic tube, there is no manufacturer for you other than Jel Sert.

Stand–Up Spouted Pouches

Any exposure to the overseas beverage market will tell you that the current and future trend in liquid packaging is the stand–up spouted pouch. From a convenience and environmental perspective, the flexible pouch is by far superior to any hard plastic or glass container. Jel Sert is the first manufacturer in the United States to obtain this filling capability. From beverages to cosmetics to OTC drug products, the pouch can represent an extremely stable package structure with high–impact appearance.

  • Project Management
  • Qualifications & Validations
  • Pilot and Scale–up Trials

For a food or pharmaceutical company, coming up with a novel concept and formulation is only half the battle. When it comes to actually seeing a concept through to commercial launch, Jel Sert provides unmatched support for their contract customers. We enable our customers to focus on marketing and distribution activities instead of manufacturing development. Jel Sert specializes in:

  • Managing design and installation of special processing equipment and packaging lines
  • Organizing and managing plant trials, from pilot to scale–up to commercial campaigns
  • Generating protocols and reports for each qualification/validation study performed during development
  • Authoring and managing timelines for both the customer and Jel Sert internal team members

Jel Sert enables our customers to be as hands–on during development as they want—our personnel and management expertise allow the commercialization cycle to be truly turn–key.