Jel Sert Brand Portfolio

We're Jel Sert, the world's #1 freezer bar manufacturer and makers of fun foods including powdered soft drink and dessert mixes.

Below is our timeless portfolio of brands that consumers continue to trust and love everyday.

Freezer Bar Brands:

Pop Ice, Fla-Vor-Ice, Otter Pops, Mr. Freeze, Frootee Ice, Kool Pops*, Wyler's Italian Ice, Bolis

Powdered Soft Drink Brands:

Wyler's Light, Flavor Aid, Wyler's

Dessert Mix Brands:

Royal, My*T*Fine

Ready-to-drink Beverages:


Jel Sert Portfolio of products
* Kool Pops is a registered trademark of Kraft Foods. Used under license.