Jel Sert, 1926  The Jel Sert Company was founded in 1926 and remains privately held to this day. Jel Sert's first product was a gelatin dessert mix called Jel Sert, a name derived from combining "jelly" and "dessert".

Flavor-Aid, 1929  The concept of powdered mixes was very popular in the 1920s, and led to the 1929 introduction of the Flavor Aid® line of powdered soft drink mixes.

Pop-Ice, 1963  The success of Flavor Aid in the 1950s led to the acquisition of the Pop-Ice® Company in 1963. Pop-Ice was a small company producing a unique freeze-at-home pop that offered the opportunity to enter an exciting new product category.

Fla-Vor-Ice, 1969  The brand Fla-Vor-Ice® was introduced in 1969, to complement Flavor Aid, and quickly became the leading freezer pop in the United States.

MONDO, 1991  MONDO® Squeezers were launched by Jel Sert in 1991. Strong promotions and national advertising have helped it become a well-known brand in the juice drink category. With the advantages of convenience and recyclability, MONDO provides more fun to children than the traditional juice-box.

Otter Pops, 1996  Otter Pops® was acquired in 1996, and is the strongest freezer pop brand on the West Coast. Today, Jel Sert produces and sells more freezer pops than any other company in the world. For more information, visit

Wyler's® / Wyler's Light® 2000  Jel Sert acquired the Wyler's™ trademark in 1994. Wyler's Light, introduced in 2000, is well known for its great tasting low-calorie, sugar-free products that everyone can enjoy.

My-T-Fine / Royal, 2000  In December 2000, Jel Sert acquired the Royal® and Myt*T*Fine® brands, both of which have a strong and loyal following. The Royal brand, which includes puddings, gelatins, and flan, dates back to 1925. My*T*Fine, a premium cook-and-serve pudding brand, was introduced in 1918.

Jel Sert Licensing program begins, 2003   Jel Sert kicked off its licensing program by partnering with Kellogg's to make Keebler Fudge Shoppe chocolate freezer bars. Jel Sert next worked with Dr. Pepper Snapple Group to launch Hawaiian Punch powders and freezer bars within the next three years.

Frootee Ice, 2004   Frootee Ice was acquired by Jel Sert and later introduced for consumers to enjoy in a fresh, new mesh bag package.

Wyler's Light Singles to go!, 2006   During 2006 Jel Sert launched Wyler's Light Singles to go! in a single-serve stick pack format to accommodate the growing need for consumer convenience

Kool Pops / Mr. Freeze, 2007   The Jel Sert Company acquired rights to the Mr. Freeze brand as well as the licensing rights to the Kool Pops brand from Kraft Foods. Both brands enjoy a strong, nostalgic heritage that Jel Sert has kept alive and well.

Jel Sert Canada, 2007   Jel Sert headed north in 2007 and began selling freezer bars in Canada. Now Canadian consumers can enjoy a wide variety of our fun foods including freezer bars, drink and dessert mixes.

Jel Sert licensing program expands, 2008   Jel Sert debuted a new portfolio of licensed freezer bars in 2008 including Soda Pops with Dr. Pepper, 7UP, Orange Crush and A&W Root Beer flavors as well as Tampico and Jelly Belly flavored pops. Jel Sert also introduced diet Snapple Singles to go! powdered soft drinks, giving consumers a new way to enjoy their favorite Snapple flavors.