The Jel Sert Company is committed to changing the way we do business through continuous efforts to improve our "Environmental Sustainability " efforts. From our production lines to our conference rooms, Jel Sert is taking action to reduce waste & energy consumption, re-use existing resources and recycle materials wherever we can.


Plastic scrap from the production of Mondo bottles is placed on a conveyor system, ground, melted, and re–used to make more bottles
All work stations have a recycle can for the recycling of all plastic and paper
Converting our company to energy efficient lighting
Whenever possible, our packaging carries the recycle symbol to encourage consumers to recycle any discarded packaging
Continuously developing packages to lower costs and use less packaging than other leading national brands
We consolidate our loads to reduce the amount of diesel fuel used in transporting our products
We have converted over half of all of our cardboard boxes to use 100% recycled paper. Most of our suppliers also use a high percentage of recycled paper in the production of the boxes they provide to us
Utilize light sensors in our buildings with auto shut off modes that automatically turn ligthts off when rooms are unoccupied
All paper, paperboard cartons, cardboard and plastic waste is recycled on a daily basis
As we are moving toward a 24 hour operation schedule, we will further reduce energy waste in startups or shutdowns
Jel Sert has an internal "Green Team" with employee volunteers who actively seek ideas and implement programs to positively affect the environment